Our family vacation in Cyprus last summer was much better than expected. Together with our two children stayed at a hotel in Cypus luvly and had been friends with another group, which included a couple 's son 21 years old.... Now, as a couple we have our share of good times, sex with other people, etc. - almost always men, because I 'm greedy like that means. But that was almost always the people beenw i ( men) of our age - late 40... I always had the fantasy of the young domai me, but..... However, this 21-year -old had obvioulsy had too much sun, as it was obvious even to me that I had such a great ability to appear, so I like going topless and tried to apply lotion - but I did go and large. However, my husband had other ideas and, finally, after days of promotion and then way too much wine at lunch, I was convinced to go on a pedal boat sailing / small, with only this young man.... stupid... a toplesslittle drunk and loving praise, and gave me about 500 meters from the beach landing, bikin underfunded, seriously fingers and playing with my tits ever... I am very hot, and came with his domai fingers - before pulling off her shorts and gave him a BJ.... do not think anyone could see from the beach - which ended up sitting astride him and fucked in this boat - and it was so very sexy.. went to the beach after that - and would have stopped there, but in the end who have sex with this burden youngest remaining license, with and without a husband on the beach, pool and a pool table.... My sexy 21 years domai old, seemed to be really on for me - it was great.. Like Cyprus
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